Dollicious kitten is:

Ready to move @ 14-15 weeks fully vetted.

Abroad @ 15-16 weeks also with passport and rabies

Kittens are vaccinated twice with PUREVAX RCP (vaccine against feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirosis and feline panleucopenia)


Pet/show quality kittens are also early neutered/spayed

Registered to TICA and/or CFA and sold with written sales contract.

Dollicious kitten has always two (2) year health guarantee for inherited genetic kidney and heart deseases and one (1) year guarantee for FIP.

Our kitten price depends from the type, color, pattern and gender of the kitten. If the kitten is show quality, without faults, kitten's price is show quality price. If the kitten has minor fault like mismarkings, tail kink or paler eyecolor, price is pet price.

Pet price (male kitten) starts from 1250€ and price incl. neutering, Our female pet quality kittens are a bit more expensive (approx. 1350€) because of the higher cost of their spaying. If the kitten is moving abroad I charge also from extra health checks, passport and rabies.

Breeding quality kittens has different scale of pricing and are sold only to registered breeders.

Dollicious kitten

Dollicious kitten